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Web Michael Stevens Tech
redstar.gif Abit : Motherboard manufacturer.
redstar.gif Acer : Computers and hardware.
redstar.gif Adobe Systems : Tech help, drivers, etc.
redstar.gif Acronis : Partitioning, boot management, privacy, data migration, and other system software.
redstar.gif Ahead Software : CD recording software, Nero CD burning application.
redstar.gif Aida32 : Diagnostic utility
redstar.gif AMD : Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
redstar.gif Anawave Software Inc. : Home of Gravity News reader and more.
redstar.gif AOPEN : Motherboard manufacturer.
redstar.gif Apple : Apple home page
redstar.gif Artisoft : Modem sharing software
redstar.gif Asus : Asus Mainboard Home page. Specifications, descriptions, etc.
redstar.gif ATI Technologies : leader in the design and manufacture of innovative visual processor solutions.
redstar.gif Aztech : Aztech Labs WWW site.
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redstar.gif AZZA Board : AZZA motherboard, product descriptions, bios updates, availability, etc.
redstar.gif Borland : Online
redstar.gif BulletProof Corp : Makers of JDesignerPro the Java Intranet Application Development    System
redstar.gif Canon Computer Systems : Driver updates and support.
redstar.gif Conner Peripherals : Hard drive information and drivers update files etc.
redstar.gif Corel : Corel Home Page. Draw, Word Perfect, etc..
redstar.gif Creative Labs : Soundblaster AWE 16 &32 upgrades &tech support
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redstar.gif Dell Computer Systems : Dell Computer home page
redstar.gif Diamond Multimedia : Video driver upgrades and other Diamond product info.
redstar.gif Digital Equipment Corp. : Digital Home page. Product descriptions and technical information.
redstar.gif D-Link : Networking hardware.
redstar.gif Dspeed Network : Dspeed Networks is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) on the cutting edge, specializing in DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) service.
redstar.gif ECS : EliteGroup, manufactures of motherboards, VGA cards, desktop and notebook computers.
redstar.gif Electroson : The Electroson has been merged with Gear. Creators of Gear Software for CD-R recording.
redstar.gif Electronics Arts Online : Electronic Arts (EA) is a independent interactive entertainment software company.
redstar.gif E-Machines : E-Machines home page.
redstar.gif Epson : Epson.........Best known for their printers.
redstar.gif FIC : First International Computer Co, Mainboard, Notebook and Network computers.
redstar.gif Fort'e,inc. : Agent and Free Agent news readers....Best of the news readers...
redstar.gif Fujitsu : Fujitsu home page, Product and technical information, driver updates, etc........
redstar.gif Gateway 2000 : Gateway 2000 Home page
redstar.gif : from Binary Research
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redstar.gif Gibson Research Corporation : GRC is the home of Spinrite and the ShieldsUp security checking web site
redstar.gif Gigabyte : Motherboards
redstar.gif Hayes : Hayes Modems Home Page.
redstar.gif Hewlett-Packard : Product support for the wide range of Hewlett Packard products.
redstar.gif Hitachi : Hitachi homepage.
redstar.gif HI-VAL : Hi-Val, Inc.Multimedia Solutions. CD-R etc.
redstar.gif Homesite : The Best HTML editor out there.
redstar.gif IBM : IBM Web Site for their product line
redstar.gif id Software : Quake and Doom Creators
redstar.gif InContex :Web site analyzer and InContex Spider
redstar.gif Intel Corporation : Info on their new products and specs.
redstar.gif Intuit : Intuit Home Page the makers of Quicken financial software. Technical support and updates can be found here.
redstar.gif Iomega : ZIP, DITTO, JAZ, all you need to know about their systems. Upgrades
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redstar.gif JVC : The JVC Information Products Company of America
redstar.gif KDS : Korea Data Systems KDS is the top manufacturer of monitors and multimedia PCs in Korea. You can get the latest .inf file for Windows 9X..................
redstar.gif Kingston Technology : Kingston Technology is the world's largest manufacturer of memory products for servers, workstations, desktops, notebooks, and other electronic devices and also manufactures a wide range of Storage, Networking, Processor upgrade and other peripheral products..
redstar.gif Lexmark : Lexmark Home Page. Technical information and drivers for the Lexmark line of printers.
redstar.gif Linksys : Linksys networking peripherals.
redstar.gif Litestep : LiteStep is a Windows 95/98/NT shell replacement that resembles an X-Windows window manager.
redstar.gif Logitech : Mouse, Scanning devices, Trackballs, Joysticks, driver updates, product info...................
redstar.gif Lotus : Lotus Home Page. Information and support for Notes and the rest of their extensive line of software. Very nice and informative.
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redstar.gif Lucent: Lucent Systems Technology K-Flex 56K modem chips
redstar.gif Macromedia : Shockwave, Flash, Dreamweaver, cutting edge technology.
redstar.gif McAfee Home Page : Virus Tools
redstar.gif Matrox : Video Accelerator boards
redstar.gif Maxtor : Maxtor's online Internet resource center. Maxtor is one of the world's premier manufacturers of hard disk drives for personal computers.
redstar.gif Micron : Micron Electronics Home page.
redstar.gif Microsemi : Microsemi Home Page, SCSI cards, Ethernet etc.
redstar.gif Microsoft Corporation : Where do you want to go today? Well you have to go here.
redstar.gif Microtek : Scanners
redstar.gif : Resource site that provides information and the Microsoft – Novell partnership
redstar.gif NDC : National Datacomm Corp.
redstar.gif NEC : NEC home page
redstar.gif Netgear : Networking products.
redstar.gif Novell Inc.: Home Page takes you to information about the companies products and services.
redstar.gif NTi : NewTech Infosystems is a premier developer of CD-Recordable software.
redstar.gif Nusoft : Image, OCR software.
redstar.gif nVIDIA : Video Processing Solutions
redstar.gif Old : Database for old computers.
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redstar.gif Oracle : Oracle Home Page
redstar.gif O&O Software : Recovery software
redstar.gif Packard Bell : Packard Bell Home Page. Lot's of information here.
redstar.gif Padus : "Creators of DiscJuggler, professional-quality CD duplication software for the Windows 95/98 and NT operating systems."
redstar.gif Palm : Palm PDA and Palm OS.
redstar.gif Panasonic : Panasonic Systems division of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co, LTD. CD drivers, etc.
redstar.gif Pegasus : Accounting and business software.
redstar.gif Philips : Philips Magnavox Consumer Products
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redstar.gif Plextor : CD-ROM/CDRW
redstar.gif PowerQuest Corporation : Makers of Partition Magic, Drive Image, etc.  Now part of Symantec
redstar.gif Procom : Storage devices CD-R CD-ROM
redstar.gif Psion : Psion palmtop computers
redstar.gif Qualcomm : Qualcomm's Eudora Place email at it's best.
redstar.gif Quantum Corporation : Hard drive setup info.
redstar.gif Raxco : Disk utilities
redstar.gif Redhat : "Red Hat Software is a computer software development company that sells products and provides services related to Linux, a freely available UN*X-like operating system."
redstar.gif Relisys : Current Relisys product lines consist of flatbed scanners, monitors, and Unix & Windows terminals.
redstar.gif Rockwell :
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redstar.gif Roxio : Adaptec's software division, now the home of Easy CD Creator, ETC.
redstar.gif RTX : Microsoft, Panasonic and Skype are some of the world brands who have chosen RTX for wireless solutions.
redstar.gif Samsung : Samsung Home page.
redstar.gif SanDisk : SanDisk is the world's leading supplier of flash data storage products in consumer, OEM and industrial markets.
redstar.gif SANtools : Software for configuring, monitoring and tuning your disk subsystems.
redstar.gif Sausage Software : Software from the Hot Dog people.
redstar.gif Seagate : Hard drive information and setup info. Jumper settings etc.
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redstar.gif Silicon Graphics : High end UNIX based graphics systems
redstar.gif Shuttle : Shuttle main boards home page.
redstar.gif SiS : Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation (SiS).
redstar.gif Smith Micro Software : Quick Link Fax Voice Mail
redstar.gif Sun Microsystems : Java Stuff. You can get the Java Files here.
redstar.gif SOHOware : Small Office Home Office networking.
redstar.gif Sonic : CD & DVD burning software, now the parent company of Roxio.
redstar.gif Sony : Everything to do with Sony
redstar.gif SOYO : SOYO motherboards, Barebone systems, and other peripherals.
redstar.gif Spare Parts Warehouse : Spare Parts Warehouse offers huge discounts on laptop batteries, laptop ac adapters, laptop lcd screens and other laptop parts and supplies, including laptop repair services
redstar.gif Starfish Software : Starfish Software is the home of Sidekick PIM, Dashboard, and other software applications.
redstar.gif StarTech : Specializing at manufacturing hard-to-find parts.
redstar.gif SuSE : One of the better Linux distributions.
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redstar.gif Symantec : Tech support for Norton Utilities, Navigator, Anti virus, WinFax Pro and the rest of their extensive line of apps.
redstar.gif Sysinternals : The Systems Internals Web site provides you advanced utilities, technical information and source code related to Windows 95 and Windows NT internals that you won't find anywhere else.
redstar.gif Tekram : "Product lines, ranging from engineering-oriented products to value-added oriented ones, include Main boards, Storage Controllers, Network Peripherals, and Multimedia."
redstar.gif Terabyte : Hard drive management software and boot manager to partition and multi boot your computer.
redstar.gif Toshiba : Toshiba Home page. Drivers, Tech, and product info.
redstar.gif Turtle Beach : Audio hardware and Software solutions.
redstar.gif Tyan : Tyan is a leading manufacturer of Motherboards.
redstar.gif UMAX : Umax Scanners
redstar.gif US Robotics/3Com: Tech support, Product information
redstar.gif V-Com : System Commander, PowerDesk, Fix-It Utilities, etc..........
redstar.gif Veritas : Home and Data protection. Backup software.
redstar.gif ViewSonic : Monitors, projectors, Pocket PC.
redstar.gif Visioneer : Imaging hardware.
redstar.gif Voyetra-Turtle Beach : Audio hardware and Software solutions.
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redstar.gif  VXI Corporation : VXI Corporation manufactures the world's highest quality and broadest range of voice recognition headsets.
redstar.gif Wacom : Wacom Graphics Tablets
redstar.gif Wang Technologies :
redstar.gif Western Digital Corporation : Hard drive setup and support files. Jumper settings and installation info.
redstar.gif Whitepine : CU-seeME
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redstar.gif Wingate : "WinGate, the award winning proxy server and firewall software package, allows an entire network to share a single Internet connection." A product of
redstar.gif WinZip : Windows GUI Zip utility.
redstar.gif Wolfram Software : Mathematica
redstar.gif World Wide Web Consortium : W3C Web standard for HTML
redstar.gif Zenith Data Systems :
redstar.gif Zoom : Zoom Telephonics
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