Files Not Found During The Copying Stage



If you get files not found during the copying stage, restart the repair install after

inspecting the CD for any surface imperfections and if you have multiple CD

drives, switch to the other CD drive.

Also check the hard drive cables making sure

they are the proper cable and seated tightly in the connections.

If the problem is not resolved, and you have no other option, continue with the install

by closing all the files not found message windows until setup finishes.

Apply the XP firewall, then run Windows update after reaching the desktop and the

missing files should be replaced.

You should backup ALL data if you haven't done so prior to the repair install before

making any other changes to the system.

If the system seems unstable, run defrag, reboot a few times and trouble shoot any

error messages. If system cannot recover, double check if you have all data you can

not replace backed up and the proceed with a Clean install

Text version filesnotfound.txt

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