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Retrieve your XP Product Key [CD Key]

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Important information you must read to determine the validity of the key retrieved by the key finder utilities and system resource utilities listed in the links below.

  1. If your system came pre-installed with XP, the Product Key that any (free or paid for) key finder or system resources utility retrieves most likely will be the Generic Key the OEM uses to install and NOT the Product Key you need to reinstall.
  2. If you successfully reinstalled XP since the initial OEM setup(i.e. The first time you booted the computer), the Product Key if requested and input from the key located on the case or generic OEM sticker label will be the valid Product Key supplied with the computer.
  3. If XP was not reinstalled the retrieved Product Key will be the generic Product Key used by the OEM and will return an invalid message when used to reinstall from the OEM disk. The correct Product Key will be the one from the sticker on the outside of the case.
  4. The Product key is not hard coded [i.e. does not have a singular unique identity] to the Windows XP CD or any other version of Windows installation disk media.

If the above applies to your situation continue to the information and key retrieval resources listed below.

The utility "ViewkeyXP" showcased by the web page title no longer works with
XP SP 2 and has been removed, but there are multiple key retrieval options that will accomplish the same thing. You can apply the same instructions to the key retrieval tool links below.  This also includes the system resource links, but you will need to access the information from the system resource utilities tabbed folders.

After you download the utility file below, you can simply select open and then click on the file to view your encrypted Product Key. If you would like to save the file to your hard drive, select save and designate the location.  You will need to remember the location, I avoid saving downloaded applications to a My Documents folder and create a folder named download where I direct my downloads to download sub folders. This protects the files from accidental loss if the system must be reinstalled and not repair installed.

New version Keyfinder 2.01

Information on new version and official updated versions can be obtained from

Magical Jelly Bean

To viewKeyfinder from Internet Explorer; click this link [Keyfinder] and select open from the file download options.  Vista makes you jump thru a few more hoops to view without saving Keyfinder.zip to your hard drive, but it will open without saving the file to the hard drive. To save to disk; choose save. If using Netscape, in the save window, right click with mouse pointer over keyfinder.exe and select open from the menu.

Other resources to view your XP Product Key.

Advisory: There is no need to pay for a resource to find the Product Key, even one listed in the ad links on this web page. If the key retrieved is the one used by the OEM to install the original system, that will be the only key retrievable. Paying for a key retrieval tool will not retrieve the valid key.

View Product Key XP

RockXP: Retrieve, change, Product Keys and more.

Everest: from Lavalys The successor to AIDA32.

AIDA32: Still available, but no longer updated.

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

Belarc Advisor  Free Personal PC Audit (version 6.1f).

Related articles to change a key when the invalid message or situation listed below is relevant to your configuration.

  • For whatever licensing reason using one of the listed methods from the link: " I need to change my XP Product Key" will probably work if you have a valid product key and access to Windows media necessary for the process.
  • If you have no physical XP media or only restore media, the retrieval software will have limited use.
  • Do not pay for a key retrievable utility for any reason, reinstalled, upgraded or clean installed XP since purchasing or building the computer. No paid key retrieval tool will retrieve a valid key from a OEM installation that used a generic key.