Use a Windows 98/Me startup disk

to delete

a non-dos partition.

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Check this link for Dr. D's Boot Disk Essentials download image.

  1. Boot from Startup Disk.
  2. Load FDISK by typing "fdisk.exe" at the "A" prompt without the quotes.
  3. Say yes to large disk support  <Y-N>...........? [Y]  ENTER
  4. Enter choice #3 to "Delete partition or Logical Dos Drive"   Press ESC to return to FDISK options
  5. Enter #4 to "Delete Non-DOS Partition". Select the Non-DOS partition by typing the number and then ENTER. Press ESC to return to FDISK options. Note you cannot delete a NON-DOS partition located inside an Extended partition. You can use the DOS utility called delpart from a DOS boot up.
  6. Reboot with startup disk and load FDISK.
  7. Say yes to Large disk support as above.
  8. Enter choice #1 Press ESC to return to FDISK options
  9. When asked if you want to use the maximum size for the partition and make it active, type Y if you want to use the whole drive, or N if you want to set a maximum size for the partition.
  10. After accepting the max size or setting the size, reboot.
  11. To install another OS; rebootType format X:  at the A: prompt; where X is the drive/partition letter designation.
  12. Insert your Win 98/Me CD.
  13.  Reboot from boot disk with CD-Rom support.
  14. Type sys c:
  15. Type X: for CD drive location where X is the CD drive location.
  16. Type setup.exe
  17. Follow setup prompts